Sunday, November 19, 2017

Riddle me this...

         ?    When is a writer not a writer?

                  When he doesn't write.

Despite my best intentions, I'm no longer compelled to write fiction. When I first stopped writing, it was easy to convince myself that I was just taking a break. After several years "on break," I decided to make an effort to rekindle my once-burning passion to write. I managed to kick up some sparks, even a tiny flame from time to time, but the fire wouldn't catch. Then came the hard part: admitting to myself that that old obsession isn't returning anytime soon. So here I sit. Not writing. Not intending to.

All the learning, plotting, writing, editing, rethinking, rewriting...required for me to write novels dominated my life for many years. I believe I'll always be shaped by the effort, and I'm glad, but I no longer call myself a writer. Writers write. I was a writer.

Will I write again? Maybe. Depends on what the future holds, I guess. I like thinking I'll wake one day with my fingers twitching in anticipation of tapping out a few thousand words a day, day after day, until I have a new novel. Or maybe I'll concentrate on short stories the next go-round. Or maybe there won't be a next go-round. I just can't say.

What I can say about the future is that my website's hosting service is paid up for another 2+ years, so my Horror with Heart website will remain online into early 2020. My four published novels will remain for sale in paperback and as eBooks (purchase links here) for that same length of time. I suspect I'll retire this blog in a month or two. I've rarely posted in recent years, so it's disappearance will barely make a ripple, but I want to post this goodbye and a thank you before the blog goes dark. I've had a wonderful time. I'd definitely do it all over again.

So thanks to everyone who took an interest, read my posts and/or my novels, and encouraged me! It's been a great time in my life that I'll always remember with the greatest affection.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween week sale - 99 cent eBooks

I've been mighty quiet for a mighty long time, but there's nothing that'll bring a horror author out of hiding better than Halloween. I love it. We're having a party on Halloween night again this year, something we're apt to do if we're not otherwise obligated. We always require costumes, which we think pumps up the fun. Sure makes for colorful guests anyway, and it's great fun to have a horde of costumed adults answer the door when trick-or-treaters come a'callin'. Quite often the parents tell us -- quietly -- that they wish they could ditch the kids and join our party. Ha!

I've also decided to reduce the eBook price of my novels from $3.50 to 99 cents for Halloween week. Just head over to Amazon any time from now (October 25th) through Halloween to purchase an eBook of Daeva, Above Haldis Notch, Dark Knowledge, and/or Struck for 99 cents. Any one of them should help get you in the proper Halloween mood.

Have a safe, fun, and frightening Halloween!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Celebrating 8 years with a $1.99 sale

Facebook showed me a memory from eight years ago. In the old post, I was all aglow after opening a package from my first publisher containing my first paperback copy of my first published novel, STRUCK. "What a great feeling," I said. And it was.

Since then, I've had other novels published, and they've all run their courses with their various small publishers. Now they're all available as self-published eBooks and paperbacks from Amazon.

To celebrate the anniversary of STRUCK's release, I'm having a sale. I've reduced the eBook price of my novels from $3.50 to $1.99. This special will run for one week only, from June 7th through June 14th. Don't miss out. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MY NOVELS THROUGH AMAZON.

Many thanks to my readers and friends for all the years of support and encouragement you've given me. I've never enjoyed the marketing aspect of writing very much, but I've love getting to know people through my book writing, marketing, signings, and talks.

Monday, September 05, 2016

New gargoyles with a purpose

The new additions to my gargoyle collection make excellent bookends, and I feel good knowing my novels are well guarded.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Take and leave - Daeva & Above Haldis Notch FREE for 5 days

Just what is "take and leave"?

The TAKE part:

eBooks of my paranormal thrillers DAEVA and ABOVE HALDIS NOTCH can be downloaded for free from now through August 2nd. If either or both of these novels look like something you or someone you know might enjoy, take one! Read, enjoy, and...

The LEAVE part:

...leave a review on Amazon. It doesn't need to be long. I believe Amazon requires a minimum number of words, but you can just keep repeating "really, really good" if you get stuck. *smile*

My incentive here is to get some reviews for these two novels, because they're not selling like my other two novels. I think their lack of reviews hurts sales. ABOVE HALDIS NOTCH had some glowing reviews at one point, but they all got lost in the transition to the self-published version. DAEVA just never pulled in reviews. I'm trying to change that.

I realize that everyone and their dog is asking you to review every product you purchase and service you use these days, but I hope with the free eBook, you'll help me out with a little "take and leave" action.

Up for grab are:

A young mother in a rural northeastern Vermont village fights to protect her family and friends from a vindictive spirit intent on destroying their lives...and their afterlives.

For a FREE eBook from Amazon, now through August 2nd, CLICK HERE.

Daeva pits supernatural manipulation against human devotion when an ancient daeva with a grudge against mankind stands ready to gain access to the world.

For a FREE eBook from Amazon, now through August 2nd, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Smiling at 3 stars

Most authors love reader input, especially publicly posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or any review site. Of course, the better the review, the more we like it. We are human, after all.
I appreciate anyone who takes the time and effort to rate or review my novels. I admit it usually takes a 4 or 5 star rating to put a bounce in my step, mainly because I like knowing my novel was enjoyed, but also because rating averages are displayed prominently and can influence future purchases. Today, however, I find myself smiling brightly over a 3 star review of Dark Knowledge that I received on Goodreads
I don't typically read books like this, and yes I figured it was going to have something to do with the paranormal, but I didn't think it would go the route it did. The fact that the author used a mentally challenged main character was the big draw to get me to read this book. I was intrigued on how he would present this character, and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the author's writing style and characters - he made you really care about the main character Wesley, and his progress/challenges though out the book. I gave this book this rating only because of the subject matter. Paranormal is not my cup of tea, but I liked the author's style.
Characters are kind of my "thing" as a writer. Yes I enjoy creating a high concept plot, tense situations, and eerie scenes and visual images, but my biggest joy is developing well-rounded, relate-able characters. In this case, I know I succeeded in making a reader care about Wesley and Dark Knowledge's other characters. And she liked my style. *smile*

So yay! for this 3 star review of Dark Knowledge. It's not a high rating, but it delivered a welcome message. And I guess I'm delivering a message here too: Don't forget to leave a rating, especially if you enjoyed a novel. And if you're comfortable adding a few words to explain your rating, do it. A rating with no review can leave an author wondering why someone loved, liked, or didn't care for the novel. Even a few words can help the author absorb the input in a more meaningful way.

Please don't get me wrong here. Any rating is welcome and greatly encouraged. Don't withhold rating a novel just because  you don't want to leave a comment or review, but consider adding even a short explanation. After toiling away for so MANY hours in isolation on our novels, authors crave input.

If you've read any of my novels, I hope you'll consider posting an honest Amazon review.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Upcoming talk: The writing of Daeva

Recently I posted links to my interview by SouthWest Writers. It was mostly about Daeva, and it provided some insight into the novel and what goes on inside this horror writer's brain. This Saturday I'm opening up even more, and I'm doing it in person. I'll be dusting off my public speaking skills to give a talk at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr Branch Library here in Tucson. My topic is how I wrote Daeva -- the plan, the surprises, and the rewrites. It'll be about an hour this Saturday, January 16th at 2:00 PM.

I'm looking forward to it. Daeva was a fun novel to write and a great, prolonged learning experience for me as a writer. I've always loved this novel. I enjoy being in that world with those characters, and I hope my audience will enjoy their visit too. Come see me if you can.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell to a great year

I enjoyed the heck out of 2015. It's an overall feeling I've had all year more than any specific accomplishment or development, but there were definitely some high moments.

We got married!

In '14, I got the rights back to the 3 novels that were originally published by small presses, and I republished all of them myself as paperbacks and ebooks in 2015.

We finally had new lighting installed in our front and back yards.

Reveille Men's Chorus has a great Spring show in May. In Sept., we launched a new season of "changing lives through music" at a weekend retreat. Then in December, we had a very successful Holiday Show and shattered attendance records with 1300 people seeing the shows over 3 nights.

2015 Reveille Men's Chorus Retreat

On Holiday Performance

I had my first experience singing in a small group as the baritone of the "Liechtenstein Quartet."

Jack and I took an amazing Central European vacation, visiting Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Salt mine in Krakow
Attending a Mozart/Strauss concert in Vienna
Architecture in Budapest


Dinner on the Danube



Chopin monument in Warsaw

We had a fun Halloween party with lots of good friends (to make up for the relatively few trick-or-treaters that dared to knock on our door).

And, as I'm sure you've noticed if you've visited this BLOG recently, I published a new release, DAEVA.

Best of all, I enjoyed being home. That's not a big surprise to anyone who knows me personally; I'm a classic introvert and homebody. Still, I remain thankful for my life, my loving husband, our quiet and beautiful neighborhood and home, and our two wonderful rescue dogs, Tripp & Tasia. They're 11 and 15 years old now, but still happy, healthy, active, and loving.

Those are just a few highlights to a great year. I remain very active with my running, weight lifting, singing, travel, writing, reading, and enjoying day-to-day life in general.

To recap: Great year in 2015. Looking forward to another in 2016. I hope all of you are too!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Download a Demon Week

Today is the shortest day of the year and the day winter officially begins. Happy Winter Solstice! Of course many are also in the midst of celebrating the holiday season, and to you, Happy Holidays! It's a great time of year, but sometimes coping with cold weather, short days, and the demands of a holiday can weigh you down, so I've created Download a Demon Week just for you, and it begins today. You're welcome.

Download a Demon for the Holidays!

  • Wondering how to fill your days when it's too cold to venture outside? 
  • Feel like the holidays have become too routine? Been there, done that? 
  • Need entertainment for a long, boring plane ride to see family? 
  • Want a means of escape when the shopping is done, the cooking is yet to come, and the second eggnog has given you a pleasant glow? 

  • What you need is a demon named Rothsirge to perk up your winter, and your timing is perfect. It's Download a Demon Week, brought to you by For one week, you can buy the Kindle version of Daeva for 1/3 the normal cover price. Here's what you need to know:

    Purchase an ebook of Daeva for only 99 cents
    from Dec. 21st through Dec. 27th

    From now through December 27th, 99 cents will get you the most manipulative demon you're likely to encounter this season, maybe ever. That's right, even if your budget is already shot, you can still afford to download a demon for the holidays. Click the cover above or CLICK HERE to preview and purchase your copy of Daeva, and then cuddle up in an easy chair with Rothsirge. Remember to guard your thoughts though. Rothsirge will be paying close attention.

    If you're in the UK, the link you want is here: Daeva ebook on

    Happy Holidays and Happy Winter Solstice!

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Horror with Heart for the Holidays

    I'm fond of the advertisement I placed in the program for Reveille Mens' Chorus' ON HOLIDAY performances this year. I went for a little humor and received a lot of great comments about the ad. Now the performances are history, but I still like the ad, so I'm sharing it here. Without further ado...

    And if seeing the ad encourages anyone to consider grabbing a little Horror with Heart for your holidays, an easy way to preview and purchase my novels is through my Amazon Author Page

    Friday, December 11, 2015

    SouthWest Writers interview about DAEVA

    SouthWest Writers interviewed me about my new release, Daeva, and about writing in general. Dare to enter the mind of this writer? You'll be safe if you avoid the deep shadows. And yes, as many have speculated, there's enough empty space in my head to generate some really cool echos. Hope you enjoy.

    Big thanks to author KL Wagoner for doing such a great job with the interview.

    Thursday, November 26, 2015

    Dark Knowledge gives thanks

    Happy Thanksgiving, America!

    I like the way this season makes me stop and think about how fortunate I am. This year, one of my novels received a very timely reason to be thankful, and that makes this author even more thankful than usual.

    Dark Knowledge ebook sales caught fire a few days ago. It was quite a run, and I really enjoyed watching Dark Knowledge's Amazon ranking soar. I even saved a screen shot of the best ranking I saw. #11 best seller in Dark Fantasy!

    I think Dark Knowledge deserved a little reader love. It's always had my author love, but it's had a tough time as a published novel, as I mentioned before in my "The novel that wouldn't die" post. To recap, Dark Knowledge's initial publisher published it and then turned their backs on it. They decided to limit their focus to paranormal thrillers that were predominately romantic or erotic. They were good enough to give me my rights back when I asked, and I quickly found a new publisher...who did the exact same thing as the first, except the second publisher held on to the rights for years before returning them to me. Now, as a self-published novel, Dark Knowledge is finally getting some reader love. And since my biggest satisfaction as an author is to be read, I'm feeling that love too.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dark Knowledge! You've always been a winner in my books.

    Thursday, November 12, 2015

    Giveaway concluded and "choralography" begun

    My Goodreads giveaway ended at midnight last night with more than 800 people entered to win a signed paperback copy of Daeva. Two winners were selected by Goodreads, and I've got their signed copies ready to take to the post office.

    Don't worry if you didn't win. There's plenty of Daeva to go around. You'll just need to buy your copy now. For a paperback, click here. For ebook, click here.

    In other news, the men's chorus that I belong to, Reveille, is preparing for our big holiday shows December 4, 5, & 6. That's barely more than 3 weeks away! Lots of rehearsing and memorizing ahead for this writer. And also lots of, what we call, "choralography." We're not strictly a stand-on-risers-with-a-songbook kind of chorus, and I'm really glad about that, but adding movement and dancing and all sorts of gimmicky fun to many of our songs is an extra challenge. It's a fun challenge though, and people really seem to enjoy our performances. The chorus has more fun too.

    From our 2013 Holiday Show
    On that note (pardon the pun), it's time to go over a few songs to see if I've got them memorized yet.

    Monday, November 09, 2015

    Reminder for the DAEVA giveaway

    The sign up period for the Goodreads giveaway I have going on for Daeva will come to an end Wednesday. I'm giving away 2 paperbacks. Sign up through (see helpful link below).

    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    Daeva by Keith Pyeatt


    by Keith Pyeatt

    Giveaway ends November 11, 2015.
    See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
    Enter Giveaway
    And while I'm on the subject of Daeva, it received its first review on Amazon, and I like it!

    Saturday, October 31, 2015

    Final day for the Horror with Heart 99 cents sale

    This fine Halloween Day is the final day for my eBook sale. Dark Knowledge, Above Haldis Notch, and Struck are a third of their usual price. Just $0.99/each. Pick up the ones you haven't read for cheap. Click on a cover below to go to that novel's Kindle page for preview and purchase.


    I hope everyone has a frightfully fun and safe Halloween! 

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    DAEVA Goodreads Giveaway

    Daeva Giveaway

    I'm giving away two paperback copies of my new release, Daeva, over at Goodreads. You'll need to register at Goodreads if you haven't already, but that's painless and quick.

    Click the link below and follow the instructions to enter the contest. Goodreads will pick two winners on November 12th.

    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    Daeva by Keith Pyeatt


    by Keith Pyeatt

    Giveaway ends November 11, 2015.
    See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
    Enter Giveaway

    Daeva Cover

    Halloween Week $0.99 eBook Sale

    And please don't forget that my eBook promotion is still going on. From now through Halloween, Kindle copies of Struck, Dark Knowledge, and Above Haldis Notch are only 99 cents each. They'll return to their regular price of $2.99 on November 1st. Tell your friends! 

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Creating suspense

    The good people in SouthWest Writers, a fine writers organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico, republished my article about creating suspense on their website. It was a fun article to write. I'm glad to see it again. Click the image and teaser below to see the article.

    Sunday, October 25, 2015

    Horror with Heart for 99 cents

    I'm in such a good mood that my novel Daeva is published, I'm celebrating Halloween week by having the first ever Horror with Heart eBook discount. Now there's no reason why you can't escape into a world filled with paranormal chills and thrills for All Hallows' Eve.

    Starting now and lasting through Halloween, the Kindle versions of Struck, Dark Knowledge, and Above Haldis Notch are only 99 cents! Buy one, buy two, or buy all three. If you've already read one or more of my novels and you're glad you did, please tell your friends that this is the week to try out my style of paranormal thrillers. Prices return to $2.99 Sunday, November 1st -- still a bargain, but why not pick up all three for the regular price of one?


    And don't forget my new release, Daeva. Amazon won't let me to reduce the price until it's been on the market for a few months, but it's still a great deal at $2.99 for an eBook and $11.50 for a paperback.