Monday, October 19, 2015

Daeva is here!

At long last, my psychological paranormal thriller Daeva is published! It's time to get your copy. Act quickly, and you'll have a book that'll help put you in the Halloween mood.

The gargoyle has nothing to do with the
novel, but he insisted on being in the
picture. Who am I to argue?
Daeva is now available in paperback and as a Kindle eBook.

This will be a different publishing experience for me. My other three novels--Struck, Dark Knowledge, and Above Haldis Notch--are now self-published, but they were all given birth, so to speak, by a publisher. Daeva's road to publication was a lengthy, twisted path, and I ultimately decided to unleash this novel upon the world on my own. As of today, it's out there, and I'm proud. I've always loved this novel. You'd have to love something to rewrite it as many times as I have over the years. I hope you'll love it too.

A request: If you have friends who might enjoy Daeva, please let them know it's out there and waiting for them to give it a read. And if you like it, please consider writing a review on Amazon and recommending it to your friends. Without a publisher, I don't have the benefits of any marketing presence they provide, but a little word of mouth can make up for that lacking.

As always, I love hearing from readers, so if you read Daeva or any of my paranormal thrillers and want to say howdy, please do.

And now I'm off to bask in the paranormal glow of my accomplishment. I'm really happy to share this novel with you.

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